Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding
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Grand Finale

Grand Finale loves getting attention! He is Lisa’s own horse and therefore does not get used for guests, but he still gets worked thoroughly! Nadine has taken up riding and schooling him for now, as Lisa is sadly not able to ride him at the moment due to personal injuries. But, although he doesn’t have a variety of riders on his back, he makes up for it by making friends on the ground. When you go to the paddock or arena where the horses stay, he is always the first at the gate  to say hi and get a cuddle. He is a magnificent horse who will do anything for his rider – as long as you know he’s the boss!

The Horses of Sleepy Hollow

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  1. Black Velvet
  2. Blue Ice
  3. Cognac
  4. Grand Finale
  5. Jedi all tacked up in his stable
  6. Ladybird
  7. Maestro
  8. Mulan
  9. Nutmeg looking pretty
  10. Paddy listening to his rider
  11. Raka
  12. Rebel, always patient
  13. Smartie
  14. Truffles
  15. Tweety
  16. Winnie the Pooh