Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding
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A PRAYER FOR TRUFFLES    –   Dear Lord Jesus, my pony has died.  I cried because she was so loving and gentle.  She made so many children happy.  I am glad it is you who has got her now.  Please Lord take care of Truffles, I know you will, because you love all animals.  You made them all.  Thank you for letting us have her first and for all the happy times I have had with Truffles. 

Thank you God for all my pets, for friendly cats and dogs and ducks.  Help me to look after all my pets and thank you God for giving me the opportunity to care for some of your magnificent animals.  Amen.

Rest in peace, dear Truffles.

The Horses of Sleepy Hollow

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  1. Black Velvet
  2. Blue Ice
  3. Cognac
  4. Grand Finale
  5. Jedi all tacked up in his stable
  6. Ladybird
  7. Maestro
  8. Mulan
  9. Nutmeg looking pretty
  10. Paddy listening to his rider
  11. Rebel, always patient
  12. Smartie
  13. Truffles
  14. Tweety
  15. Winnie the Pooh